Ficus variegata is a common roadside fig tree growing up to about 900m in the Crocker Range in Sabah in both disturbed and undisturbed forests. Photos by Linus Gokusing (Kipandi Butterfly Farm).

Ficus variegata IMG_0051 - Copy
This fine example of Ficus variegata is growing in disturbed forest next to the Kota Kinabalu -Tambunan Road (Sinsuron Road) at about 600m next to a orchard fruit nursery called Moyog Enterprise  in the hill above Kampong Moyog and the Moyog River .

Ficus variegata IMG_0055.JPG

Crocker Range IMG_0523 - Copy.JPG

Ficus variegata IMG_0058.JPG
The fruiting Ficus variegata is growing at the back on the left-hand side of the photo.

Ficus variegata IMG_0060.JPG

Crocker Range.jpg