In October 2011 a very large  Ficus variegata  fig tree was fruiting next to the core road at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in East Sabah.

Ficus variegata IMG_4937.JPG
The Ficus variegata is the large tree  in the middle of the photo above. Compare with the vehicle for size.
Ficus variegataIMG_4959
When we returned at night there were 3 different species of civets feeding on the green figs high up in the branches including a  single Binturong and at least 3 individual Island (Common)  Palm Civets, and Bornean Striped Palm Civets.

Ficus variegata IMG_4939.JPG

Ficus variegata IMG_4922.JPG

Ficus variegata IMG_4937.JPG
This large  Ficus variegata was growing in logged forest along the core road at Tabin Wildlife Reserve.


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