A Yellow-bellied Bulbul  which arrived to feed on fig fruits and Macaranga berries at the Ulu Ulu Resort, Temburong, Brunei on the fourth fruiting day of the Ficus scaberrima.

Ficus scaberrima 3Y3A0770
When a Ficus scaberrima and a Macaranga aetheadenia were fruiting simultaneously next to each other at the Ulu Ulu Resort in December 2017 the ripe fruit attracted seven different species of bulbuls to feed on both types of fruit.
Hairy-backed Bulbul Macaranga aetheadenia 3Y3A0751 - Copy.JPG
This Hairy-backed Bulbul visited repeatedly. Here it is about to feed on the pink arils surrounding Macaranga aetheadenia seeds.
Grey-bellied bulbul 3Y3A0831 - .JPG
Another repeat visitor was a Grey-bellied Bulbul
Finsch's Bulbul 3Y3A0871 - .JPG
Finsch’s Bulbul is usually uncommon at  the Ulu Ulu resort.
Speactacled Bulbul 3Y3A0835 - Copy.JPG
The Spectacled Bulbul is the most common forest bulbul at the Ulu Ulu Resort.
Black-headed Bulbul 3Y3A0816.JPG
The Black-headed Bulbul is not resident in the forest around the Ulu Ulu Resort but is an occasional visitor when a large amount of fruit is available. The photo shows unripe Macaranga aetheadenia fruit heads  which develop in groups of four.
Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker 3Y3A0793.JPG
This Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker showed no interest in the fruiting Macaranga and fed only on ripe Ficus scaberrima figs.

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