Prevost’s Squirrel is one of the most common forest squirrels throughout Borneo.  Although Prevost’s Squirrel  often eats bark and insects it is most often seen eating  the pulp of ripe fruit including figs.   In December 2017  the Prevost’s Squirrel photographed above was a repeat visitor to a fruiting  Ficus scaberrima at the Ulu Ulu Resort in Ulu Temburong, Brunei on the 3rd fruiting day .

Prevost squirrel building drey.JPG
The coat colour of Prevost’s Squirrel varies dramatically throughout Borneo with multiple different coat patterns in different areas. The individual above which  is  also the Ulu Temburong (Brunei) race  is building a drey ( squirrel nest). Photo taken from the Belalong Canopy Walkway by Arlene Walshe.
Prevosts Squirrel at Tabin IMG_0300 -ENHANCED.jpg
The Sabah race of Prevost’s Squirrel Calioscirus prevosti pluto  photographed at Tabin for comparison

Ficus scaberirmaY3A0739

Ficus scaberrima 3Y3A0875.JPG
The fruit crop on this Ficus scaberrima only lasted four days before it was consumed by a horde of bulbuls, flowerpeckers and  squirrels. Typically  the birds  and squirrels start feeding before dawn on the figs that have ripened over night.
Malaysian Blue Flycatcher IMG_1287.JPG
The feeding frenzy attracted  many birds including the resident pair of Malaysian Blue Flycatchers that live in the grounds of the Ulu Ulu Resort. This is the female with a pale throat.
Malaysian Blue Flycatcher 3Y3A0846.JPG
The male Malaysian Blue Flycatcher (with a blue throat)  was also a repeat visitor. However these flycatchers did not feed on the figs but on the insects disturbed  by the bulbuls and squirrels. This male is feeding on a hairy moth caterpillar.

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Ulu Ulu Resort enhanced 3P7A3404.JPG
The Ulu Ulu Resort at Temburong in Brunei is surrounded by virgin forest rich in figs.

Brunei Temburong.jpg