Leaves and figs of Ficus pisocarpa  which was growing on a fallen log at Kuala Biang, Temburong Brunei, in secondary forest.

Note the  small pea sized figs and the prominent bracts covering the ostiole at the base of the fig.  The  side veins on the leaf are raised above the leaf surface but sunken in a “valley” giving the leaf a slightly corrugated (bullate) appearance which is typical of Ficus pisocarpa. All photos by Arlene Walshe.

Ficus pisocarpa 0C7A3721.JPGFicus pisocarpa 0C7A3766

Ficus pisocarpa 0C7A3769.JPG

Ficus pisocarpa 0C7A3726.JPG

Ficus pisocarpa 0C7A3728.JPG

Ficus pisocarpa 0C7A3719 (2).JPG

Ficus pisocarpa 0C7A3719.JPG

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