Linus Gokusing, a botanist working at Kipandi Butterfly Farm in the Crocker Range stands under a  sterile (non-fruiting) Ficus densechini root climber growing up the tree in the background. This tree is opposite Mushroom Shed 84  on the Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan road  which crosses the northern end of the Crocker  Range. This site is  c. 1,000m  asl and approx. one hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.

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Ficus densechini is a rare root climbing fig endemic to the highest mountains of Borneo. The closest relative is Ficus laevis which is widespread in SE Asia but in Borneo has a relict  (shrinking) distribution. In Borneo F. laevis is most common on limestone outcrops indicating that it prefers a dryer climate and may be shrinking in range  . However F. laevis  also occurs on Kinabalu and the Crocker Range, although it is uncommon.

Ficus laevis: Introduction


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Mushroom Shed 84 on the Kota Kinabalu to Tambunan Road  which crosses the northern end of the Crocker Range in Sabah. These  mushroom sheds are owned by a local  Kadazan-Dusun co-operative and used to grow Japanese shiitake mushrooms for sale to local restaurants.

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