Behind the HQ building at Bako in Sarawak, is a  steep cliff as shown  in the photo above . On top of the cliff there is a large plateau covered stunted kerangas forest full of unusual plants. One of these plants is  an uncommon  variety or subspecies  of Ficus deltoidea  var motleyana. 

bako IMG_2775
Next to the path  down from the Platau the park staff had been slashing the overgrown vegtation when we visited in December 2017. Unfortunately  the damaged vegetation included an individual Ficus deltoidea subspecies motleyana . The damged plant is inside the yellow circle at bottom left in the photo above.

Deltoidea IMG_2768.JPG

deltoidea IMG_2760.JPG

deltoidea IMG_2900.JPG


deltoidea IMG_2892.JPG

deltoidea IMG_2770.JPG

deltoidea IMG_2887.JPG


Bako National Park near Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.