Photo above taken by Tony Lamb at Poring in the Kinabalu Park

1605 Ficus kerkhovenii Ranau PH-Y-03031-M-000-01605
Photo taken by E.J.H Corner  labelled  Ficus kerkhovenii Ranau.
1437 Ranau PH-Y-03031-M-000-01437.jpg
In August 1960 the Professor of Tropical Botany at Cambridge E. J. H. Corner  visited Kinabalu to plan the first of two Royal Society Expeditions to Kinabalu.  Although the intention was to research both the flora and the fauna  as a starting point for establshing a protected park, Corner was particularly interested in figs.     Photo by Corner of the Ranau Plain.

1452 Kinabalu PH-Y-03031-M-000-01452.jpg

1454 Kinabalu PH-Y-03031-M-000-01454.jpg