The photo  above shows Ficus corneri collected  at Gunung Palung by George Weiblen on March 18 1997.

Ficus corneri is closely related to (effectively a smaller version of) Ficus lowii of the Malay Peninsula. In 1998 Kochummen  raised Ficus lowii var minor  and Ficus lowii var borneensis  to the status of a separate species F. corneri which is endemic to Borneo. This taxonomy was  followed in Berg’s (2005) monograph on the Malesian species of Ficus.

See also Ficus soepadmoi which is another possible synonym

All photos by George Weiblen of collector’s voucher GW917. See  the photo of the GW917 herbarium collection at the end of this article.

Ficus lowii GW917_2 - Copy

Ficus lowii GW917_3 - Copy.jpg

Gng Palung.jpg
George Weiblen’s collection GW 917


Laman & Weiblen (1998) Figs of Gng Palung NP Kalimantan

Map Gunung Palung