Ficus kochummeniana was previously known as Ficus retusa var borneensis  in most publications until Berg (2005) re-named it  in his Flora Malesiana review of Ficus.

F. kochummeniana  is an uncommon hemi-epiphytic fig found throughout Borneo particularly in  areas of poor soils such as peat swamp and kerangas.

All photos are by George D. Weiblen of herbarium collections made at Gunung Palung.

Note that the leaf veins are sunken above and very prominent below which is the main distinguishing feature of this uncommon fig. Photo by George Weiblen of GW900-1.
Ficus retusa Kochummeniana GW902_1 - Copy.jpg
Another distinguishing feature  of F. kochummeniana is that in dried herbarium collections the ostiole appears to be sunken. Photo by George Weiblen of  GW902-1


Laman & Weiblen (1998) Figs of Gng Palung NP Kalimantan

Map  Gunung Palung.jpg