Ficus disticha, a common root climbing fig most common in peat-swamp and mountain forests here photographed by  Jean-Yves Rasplus at Pa Lugan in the Bario Highlands of NE Sarawak in 2007.

05 JYR_0767.jpg
Root-climbing figs only fruit when they reach the sunlit  canopy so photos of fruiting branches are normally very difficult to obtain.

02 Ficus disticha JYR_0763 - Copy.jpg

04 Ficus disticha JYR_0763 - Copy.jpg

03 Ficus disticha JYR_0763 - Copy.jpg
The main leaf vein (mid-rib) and side veins (lateral) both of which are pale green/ white  are easy to distinguish in this photograph.  Berg (2005) describes the  tertiary veins between the side veins as “tessellate”  or “tiled in squares”  a distinguishing feature  of Ficus disticha and Ficus detonsa.      

Bario highlands ENHANCED

Pa Lugan is in the Bario Highlands in far NE Sarawak next to the border with Kalimantan.