Ficus minahassae photographed in the Philippines at Mount Makiling, Luzon by Astrid Cruaud and Jean-Yves Rasplus in 2012. 

Ficus minahassae is common in the Philippines and northern Sulawesi but very rare in Borneo. The only records are from eastern Sabah on islands in Darvel Bay and the surrounding riverine forest, extending north to Tabin Wildlife Reserve and west to Danum Valley. See map below.

minahassae - 2
Ficus minahasae growing on Mt Makiling, Luzon, Philippines. The  small figs  are arranged in tight bunches  that hang on long stolons  from the branches and trail on the ground.

03 minahassae - 02.jpg

01 Ficus minahassae - 01.jpg

06 Ficus minahassae - 09.jpg

07 Ficus minahassae - 10.jpg

minahassae - 18.jpg

Ficus minahassae probably arrived in Borneo by island hopping along the chain of islands between Mindanao in the Philippines and  the Semporna islands  off the east coast of Sabah.

Minahassae map East Sabah (2).jpg

In Borneo, Ficus minahassae is confined to the area enclosed by the black oval in eastern Sabah north of Tawau and south of the Kinabatangan river.