Ficus limosa is a very rare rheophytic fig confined to muddy river banks in Sarawak.

The photo above shows a male fig just before the emergence of fig wasps from the gall flowers. The gall flowers contain both male and female fig wasps which mate before they leave the fig through the ostiole. The female fig wasps collect pollen from the male stamens surrounding the ostiole as they exit  the fig. Note that the majority of the gall flowers in this fig never received a wasp egg and  remained vacant indicating a local shortage of female fig wasps.

Location: Sungai Paku near Kampong Spaoh, SW Sarawak.

Co-ordinates:  1.501179 111.509823

Photos taken by : Astrid Cruaud and Jean-Yves Rasplus on 13.02.2011

04 limosa - 30.jpglimosa - 2402 Ficus limosa - 31.jpg

Ficus limosa, Sungai Paku, Sarawak