ABOVE: The distinctive fig fruits of Ficus stolonifera photographed at Sepilok, Sabah  by Astrid Cruaud A. & Jean-Yves Rasplus. Photos taken on  8 March 2011.

Ficus stolonifera grows as an earth (geocarpic) fig but unlike all other earth figs there are no prominent bracts on the fig fruits, although sometimes some small relic  flaps can be found on the surface of the fig fruits.

F. stolonifera is generally rare in Sabah but more common in Sarawak.

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The Sepilok Forest Reserve covers nearly 6,000 ha of lowland and mangrove forest. As well as  Sun bear and Orangutan Centres there is a canopy walkway and a Rainforest Discovery Garden. There are many well marked trails through the forest  allowing easy access to a range of habitats rich in figs.