An earth fig with unusual looking fig fruits photographed  at Gem’s Lodge,  Bario Highlands, Sarawak by Astrid Cruaud  &  Jean-Yves Rasplus on 14 April 2007.

The appearance of the leaves and fig fruit  is closest to Ficus stolonifera but also shows some similarities to Ficus subterranea another earth fig.

It is believed that of all the Bornean figs  the earth figs in Section Sycocarpus possess the lowest dispersal potential for both seeds and pollinating fig wasps. Therefore earth figs are more likely to be  geographically and genetically isolated from figs of the same species leading to genetic drift  and a  higher level of  morphological variation -compared with other Bornean figs. This hypothesis has yet to be proven and will require the DNA testing  of a large number of earth figs over a wide range.

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stolonifera - 2

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Bario highlands ENHANCED