ABOVE: Section through an immature female fig of Ficus cereicarpa photographed at Poring in the Kinabalu Park by Astrid Cruaud and Jean-Yves Rasplus  on 5 March 2011.

Ficus cereicarpa is distinguished from the closely related Ficus francisci by the numerous bracts  or “horns”  that cover the surface of the fig fruit. See;

Ficus cereicarpa & Ficus francisci compared

cereicarpa - 01

cereicarpa - 02.jpg

04 Ficus cereicarpa - 03.jpg

05 Ficus cereicarpa - 05.jpg

06 Ficus cereicarpa - 08.jpg

07 Ficus cereicarpa - 11.jpgcereicarpa - 13.jpg


08 Ficus cereicarpa - 09.jpg

10 Ficus cereicarpa - 14.jpg

Kinabalu Park.jpg

Poring  (local name of a giant bamboo) is popular with local tourists who visit the  recently developed hot springs to bathe in the hot water smelling of sulphur. The development is restricted to an area around the springs and the hill above . For those who prefer to avoid the tourists there is a 2.5 hour walk (one way) to the Langanan Waterfall  deep within the magnificent hill forest of Kinabalu Park.
The view from the Poring Hot Springs of the lower slopes of the eastern shoulder of Mount  Kinabalu.