ABOVE: Ficus septica photographed by Jean-Yves Rasplus at Pa Lugan in the Bario Highlands in NE Sarawak in 2007.

Ficus septica is a very common fig in the islands east of Sabah and  having crossed Wallace’s Line,  is slowly invading Borneo from east to west. In Sabah Ficus  septica is an abundant small tree along roadsides spread by small Cynopterus fruit bats. In Brunei F. septica is rare.  This is the first known record for Sarawak.

Ficus septica range.jpg

septica - 3
An immature  female fig fruit of Ficus septica.
03 Ficus septica - 3.jpg
F. septica fig fruits are typically covered in white raised spots. These are believed to be nectaries which supply food to ants that defend the fig against parasitic fig wasps.

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05 Ficus septica - 6.jpg

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06 Ficus septica - 1.jpg

07 Ficus septica - 2.jpg

Bario highlands ENHANCED