ABOVE: Ficus lepicarpa at Lambir Hills Park in N. Sarawak c. 40 minutes drive from Miri.  All photos by Jean-Yves Rasplus taken  9 August 2004.

lepicarpa - 22
Ficus lepicarpa figs normally ripen yellow green and are often covered  more or less in a rough brown surffy layer. The fig fruits are usually recognizable by an equator line around the middle of the fig, as in the photo above. The ostiole is on the lower left of this photo.
03 lepicarpa - 26.jpg
The same fig as above but this time the ostiole is at top right.

04 lepicarpa - 13.jpg

05 lepicarpa - 19.jpg

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Google map of Lambir Hills, Sarawak