ABOVE: Ficus barba-jovis photographed at Sepilok on 8 March 2011 by Astrid Cruaud and Jean-Yves Rasplus. 

Previously considered to be rare, Ficus barba-jovis is now known to be relatively common in primary forest in Sabah from the lowlands to the mountains. The large fig fruit are covered with short hairs. The leaves  are also distinctive with sunken side veins on the upper surface. The leaves are unique amongst the root climbing figs in having a large lobe (decurrent)  on one side of the base giving a lop-sided, asymmetrical  appearance.

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Ficus barba-jovis Berg 2005.jpg
The Ficus barba-jovis text from Berg (2005). Berg’s notes on the appearance of the lower surface of the leaf  indicate the necessity for further research and clarification !
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The Rainforest Discovery Centre Canopy Walkway at Sepilok, Sandakan, Sabah.