ABOVE: Kuamut Forest Reserve, East Sabah. A logging road through recently logged forest showing the habitat where these photographs of Ficus barba-jovis were taken on 08  November 2014 by Linus Gokusing.

04 Ficus barba-jovis Kuamut IMG_1010

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06 Ficus barba-jovis IMG_1011.JPG

07 Ficus barba-jpvis IMG_1022.JPG

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02 Kuamut IMG_1000.JPG03 Kuamut IMG_1001.JPG

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Kuamut Forest Reserve is in the forested heart of East Sabah, roughly where the elephant is on the map in the upper reaches  of the Kinabatangan River. The Kuamut river  drains the Maliau Basin later joining the Kinabatangan River.
Kuamut Forest Reserve  comprises 68,000 ha of  logged hill forest. This forest has now been fully protected forest thereby providing a permanent forest corridor between the virgin forests of  Danum Valley and the Maliau Basin.