ABOVE: This bright crimson earth fig with stubby bracts grows on root like stolons  that criss-cross the forest floor. Ficus malayana is one of the most common figs of the mountain forest surrounding Kinabalu Park HQ. In Berg (2005) this fig was listed as Ficus uncinata.  In Berg (2007) however the name was changed to Ficus malayana. According to Berg (2007)  Ficus uncinata is now considered to be a Borneo endemic which does not occur in Sabah whilst F. malayana is widely distributed in Borneo, Malaya and S Thailand.

Berg (2007) A study on the taxonomy of some stoloniferous species of Ficus

Ficus malayana: Introduction

All fig photos by Jean-Yves Rasplus  taken on 27 July 2004.

malayana - 09

07 040727 malayana - 14.jpg

01  040727 Ficus malayana - 02.jpg
Note that the lobe at the base of the leaf of Ficus malayana only occasionally crosses  over the petiole (leaf stalk). With Ficus uncinata the lobe would be much larger and always extends over the petiole.

03 040727 malayana - 04.jpg

02 040727 malayana - 17.jpg
In the photo above there is only a slight overlap of the petiole by the leaf lobe.


Kinabalu viewed from the viewing platform at Kiau Gap View, the gap  halfway up the road that runs from Park HQ to the start of the summit trail at the Timpohon Gate.

Kinabalu Walking Trails
Map of the walking rails surrounding Kinabalu Park HQ copied from the Phillipps’ Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo and their Ecology (2016).


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Google Maps: Kinabalu Park