Ficus aurata (female fig from the presence of seeds) at the BORA Rhino orchard at Tabin in Sabah.

Ficus aurata and rhino dispersal

Ficus fulva and Ficus aurata compared.

Information on the BORA Rhino Orchard

Photos by Dr Zainal Zahari Zainuddin 

06 Aurata Zainal BORA _08554605 Aurata Zainal BORA 085546

01 Aurata Zainal BORA 5142.jpg

02 Aurata Zainal BORA  085221.jpg

04 Aurata Zainal BORA 085237.jpg

Silam & Tabin. May 2018. Tony (259).JPG

07 Tabin. May 2018. Tony (258).JPG

Silam & Tabin. May 2018. Tony (258).JPG

The rhino keepers call this fig Gatal Piring or itchy plate  from the rough surface of the leaf. Despite the sandpaper surface of the leaf these leaves are a popular food for the rhinos at BORA.