ABOVE: A lone Long-tailed Macaque chases off a family of Bushy-crested Hornbills from a dead tree next to the Belalong Canopy Walkway  at Temburong in Brunei.  Nearby a Ficus punctata liana is covered with large ripening orange figs. 

All photos by Hans Hazebroek

The resident troop of of Long-tailed Macaques normally stay close to the river far down in the valley below.

Undoubtedly their presence next to the canopy walkway is due to the prolific Ficus punctata which is producing more food than the local gibbon family can eat. Because gibbons are highly territorial the local gibbon family would not allow another gibbon family access to the fruit but because gibbons do not compete directly with macaques for food they do not object to the occasional presence of macaques.

Ficus punctata+macaque 02Ficus punctata+macaque.jpg

Ficus punctata and macaque 03.jpg04 3P7A4384.JPG

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This female L.T. macaque  was carrying a baby (hanging underneath) and was obviously very hungry  otherwise she would not have travelled so far  from the river.



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