FICUS KUCHINENSIS  Berg (2003)                                SECTION SYCIDIUM

Latin: Refers to the fact that this fig is found at the Semengoh Arboretum near Kuching.

Habit:  A rare endemic small shrub or epiphytic climber previously regarded as a hairy variety of Ficus heteropleura.

Leaf: Medium 7-20 cm long by 2-6 cm wide with a rough sand-paper feel to both sides. The leaves are in flat sprays (distichous) not spirally arranged.

Sex: Dioecious.

Fig: The tiny figs (0.5-0.8 cm) grow in the leaf axils or behind the leaves. The figs hang from short stipitate peduncles up to 0.2 cm long and are covered in hairs.

Ecology: A very rare bird dispersed epiphyte locally common near Kuching.

Similar species: Previously described as a hairy  variety  of F. heteropleura by Corner (1965).

Berg (2003) splits F. kuchinensis from F. heteropleura

Distinguish from F. heteropleura by the tiny figs with a short peduncle (stalk). The figs have a pointed apex (umbonate) surrounding a sunken ostiole.  Overall much more hairy than Ficus heteropleura.

Distribution: A very rare fig but probably under recorded. The Leiden Herbarium  NATURALIS has nine collections, 3 of them from the Semengoh Arboretum near Kuching, 2 more from W Sarawak, 2 from Bukit Bendera, (Beaufort Hill), West Sabah, one from Bukit Baka in West Kalimantan and one from the INIKEA  reforestation project near Tawau in Sabah.

L.0931301 Sarawak TYPE.jpg
The TYPE of Ficus kuchinensis from Semengoh Arboretum near Kuching

L.1602931 Bukit bendera Beaufort 1972 .jpg

L.1602931 Bukit bendera Beaufort 1972 - Copy.jpg
Note the tiny hairy figs with relatively long peduncles which distinguish this fig from Ficus heteropleura
01 L. 1602922 Bukit Bendera Beaufort 1972 .jpg
Ficus kuchinensis from Bukit Bendera (Beaufort Hill). Note that there are at least 3 different sites in Sabah  with the malay name Bukit Bendera (Flag Hill) (1) Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu, (2) Beaufort Hill, West Sabah and another Signal Hill on the ridge behind Sandakan town.

L.1602931 Bukit bendera Beaufort 1972 .jpg


L.1602930 Semengoh 1966 .jpg

Berg (2005) Ficus kuchinnensis WEB.jpg