JAHERI’S FIG Ficus jaheriana Corner (1965)   SECTION SYCIDIUM

Latin: Named after Jaheri a member of the Niewenhuis Expedition 1896-1897  which crossed  Kalimantan from west to east starting up the Kapuas River  in W. Kalimantan and descending down the Mahakam river in E. Kalimantan.

Habit: This fig is a climbing Sycidium with very large cordate leaves and small fruits i.e. similar to F. scaberrima,  F. hemsleyana or F. midotis. The leaves seem to be extraordinarily large i.e. up to 47 cm x 17 cm which presumably accounts for its distinctiveness.

Range: There is only a single collection the TYPE in the Bogor Herbarium. This was collected from Sungai Tjehen probably Sungei Telen a tributary of the Mahakam river in East Kalimantan.

Google Maps: Sungai Telen

Ficus jaheriana Berg (2005) web.jpg
From Berg & Corner (2005)  Ficus in Flora Maleisana