This set of photos shows the transition from juvenile to adult leaves in Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa. All photos by Quentin Phillipps taken in Kuching in December 2017 of several different plants.

F. tinctoria var gibbosa is the most common fig in the urban areas of Kuching growing both in parks as a tree or as an epiphyte on buildings

01 Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa 3Y3A0684
Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa juvenile (bathyphyll) leaves. Many plants in the Moraceae plant family eg Ficus and Artocarpus have distinctively different bathyphyll (juvenile ) or acrophyll (adult) leaves. However the transition may take place at very different ages. With Ficus albipila, Ficus variegata and Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa  only the very young sapling leaves tend to be dentate and the transition  to adult leaves is very rapid. With  many root climbers eg Ficus villosa the leaves only transition when the root climber reaches sunlight in the canopy which may take several years.  
02 Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa 3Y3A0687.JPG
LHS: Ficus benjamina sapling. RHS: Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa sapling
04 IMG_1466.JPG
Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa sapling with leaves in transition.

05 IMG_1467.JPG

05 IMG_1733.JPG
Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa  adult leaves
06 IMG_1644.JPG
Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa  adult leaves