The Santubong Peninsula viewed from the beach next to the Permai Rainforest Resort near Kuching. All photos by Quentin Phillipps taken December 2017.

Permai Rainforest Lodge IMG_3341
The dense vegetation on the right hand-side of this  restaurant balcony  at the Permai Rainforest Resort, near Kuching hosted a very prolific Ficus laevis along with a poisonous pit-viper.
Pit Viper IMG_3332
Female  Keeled Pit-viper  Tropidolaemus subannulatus waiting on the ground below the balcony probably for a rat to pass by. These snakes have a venomous bite that can prove fatal.

Ficus laevis 02 IMG_3337.JPG

Ficus laevis 03 IMG_3338.JPG

07 IMG_3355.JPG

Ficus laevis 04 IMG_3359.JPG


Permai Rainforest Lodge IMG_3363.JPG

Damai beach IMG_3330.JPG