ABOVE: The Empire Resort, Brunei Darussalam.  Note the tiny island to the far right of the photograph. This islet is known as Pulau Punyit or Punyet. Having checked the Tutong, Brunei tide tables online, we booked to stay at the Empire Resort during the lowest tide of 2017. Our intention was to walk or swim to Pulau Punyit at 5.30 am just before dawn when the tide was lowest to census the figs on the island.

02 IMG_1286.JPG
Pulau Punyit from the Empire Resort at 6.00am. Even at the lowest tide  the sea is too deep with too many sharp rocks  to easily access the island by either swimming or walking. We had to abandon our plans and have yet to verify the Ficus species growing on Pulau Punyit !

03 IMG_1283.JPG

  Booth et al (1997) Two figs found on Pulau Punyet.jpg

The  1997 record of Ficus delosyce on Pulau Punyit is unlikely to be correct. It is much more likely to be Ficus microcarpa which is the most common fig growing in the beach forest along the coast opposite the island. The record for Ficus globosa is also somewhat doubtful as Ficus globosa does grow in beach forest but usually as a liana or small tree.

The original article: Booth et al (1997) A survey of the flora and fauna of Pulau Punyet, Brunei Darussalam