ABOVE: Ficus sundaica  photographed in the Crocker Range at c. 600 m by Linus Gokusing on 27 May 2014.

The leaves of Ficus sundaica are very variable so this fig is often difficult to distinguish.  However  there are 3 features which can be used in combination to distinguish Ficus sundaica from other strangler figs. These are;

(1) The stipule is slightly hairy or velvety covered in a short fuzz.

(2)  The leaf  has a pointed drip tip which is always re-curved i.e.  backwards from the plane of the leaf.

(3) The basal veins are prominent often on both sides of the leaf but always on the underside.

05 Ficus sundaica IMG_2265

01 Ficus sundaica IMG_2261.JPG

02  Ficus sundica IMG_2267.JPG
Ficus sundaica. Notice the short fuzz on the stipule.

03 Ficus sundaica IMG_2258.JPG

06 Ficus sundaica IMG_2263.JPG
Ficus sundaica. Notice the prominent basal veins on the underside of the leaf.
07 Ficus sundaica IMG_2271.JPG
Ficus sundaica: Notice how the pointed drip tip is turned backwards  (recurved) at the far end of the leaf.

04 Ficus gul Map NW Borneo