ABOVE: Ficus gul is an unusual fig in Section Sycidium that grows as a small tree  (to 34 m) rather than a scrambling liana. This fruiting individual  was growing next to the roadside car park at the Crocker Range Park HQ at the southern end of the Crocker Range in December 2017. The fruit are full size and almost ripe.  All photos by Quentin Phillipps.01 Ficus gul Crocker Range Park HQ IMG_0145

13 Ficus gul IMG_0154.JPG12 Ficus gul IMG_0150.JPG

03 Ficus gul Rest stop  opp CRP HQ 3Y3A2638.JPG
The roadside car park of the Crocker Range Park HQ. The Ficus gul tree was growing next to the car park just in front of the vehicle. There was a second  Ficus gul individual growing next to the waterfall on the opposite side of the road as well.
05 Honor Phillipps Ficus gul IMG_0133.JPG
Honor Phillipps to show the scale.

08 Ficus gul IMG_0066.JPG

06 Ficus gul Crocker Range Park HQ IMG_0062.JPG

HQ building Crocker Range National Park

04 Ficus gul Map NW Borneo .jpg
There are two main roads that cross the Crocker Range in west Sabah. Crocker Range Park HQ is next to the southern road about 25 minutes drive from Keningau town or 2.5 hours from Kota Kinabalu.