ABOVE: A tame North Borneo Gibbon Hylobates funereus feeding on ripe Ficus gul figs at Poring in the Kinabalu Park in Sabah. All gibbon photos taken by Roberto Totaro on 4 August 2017.

01 Ficus gul and gibbon Roberto AdobeStock_174840148
The tiny  fig fruit of Ficus gul ripen green and are obviously targeted at dispersal by fruit bats rather than gibbons. Small fruit bats are still very common at Poring but the gibbon population was hunted out many years ago.

02 Ficus gul and gibbon AdobeStock_174840159.jpeg

Poring Kinabalu Park P40346.JPG
To the north and west Poring is surrounded by the magnificent hill forest of the Kinabalu Park. However all the large wildlife such as gibbons and orangutans has been hunted out within a days walk of  the Poring HQ.
Poring Kinabalu Park P1050177.JPG
To the east and south Poring is surrounded by   swidden farms, secondary forest and small rubber plantations.
Poring Park HQ Kinabalu Park IMG_2443.JPG
The HQ building of Poring station in the Kinabalu Park

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