ABOVE: This male rhinoceros Hornbill with a magnificent horn was one of a pair that arrived to feed on a fruiting a Ficus microcarp at the Tabin Wildlife Reserve in east Sabah on 20 June 2013. All hornbill photos by Yumu.

01 Ficus microcarpa  Rhino hornbills Tabin  Yumu AdobeStock_117621940 .jpeg
The male Rhinoceros Hornbill Buceros rhinoceros can be recognized from their red iris.
03 Ficus microcarpa Yumu AdobeStock_125609012.jpeg
The two hornbills resting after stuffing themselves with ripe figs. The female on the right can be recognized from her grey iris.
04 Ficus microcarpa Tabin  IMG_8531.JPG
This famous Ficus microcarpa fig tree grows next to the office bungalow of the Tabin Wildlife Resort. It fruits several times a year attracting a large variety of wildlife to feed on the figs.

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