ABOVE: Immature male Ficus beccarii fig fruit on a roadside plant at Selapon in Temburong, Brunei.  Note the arrow which points to the only male flower  (anther and stamen)  you can see inside the fig. The round globules are gall flowers which are used by pollinating fig wasps as brood chambers. All photos by Arlene Walshe. 

01 Ficus beccarii 0C7A6976

02 Ficus beccarii 0C7A7156.JPG
Another male fig fruit from the same plant.The contents of this fig have been emptied out probably by ants  possibly so they can use the empty fig fruit as domatia (housing).  See    Ficus tinctoria var gibbosa: ant domatia

04 Ficus beccarii 0C7A6983.JPG

05 Ficus beccarii 0C7A6979.JPG