ABOVE: Ants tending sap sucking bugs on a young shoot (hairy stipule) of Ficus megaleia on a roadside plant at Selapon in the Temburong district,  Brunei.  The young leaves of Ficus megaleia are often but not always bright orange red  later changing to green as they mature.  Red leaves usually seem to be larger than average so the colour may be related to the speed of growth i.e. fast developing leaves  are initially red whilst slow developing leaves remain green. All photographs by Arlene Walshe.

07 F. megaleia 0C7A6903 - Copy08 F. megaleia 0C7A6903.JPG

06 F .megaleia 0C7A6928.JPG

01 Ficus megaleia 0C7A6931

Temburong, Brunei MAP