ABOVE: Ficus obscura collected for the Sandakan Herbarium in Ulu Tongud Forest Reserve Sabah. Ulu Tongud FR is at the western end of the Beluran District which runs all the way from Labuk Bay west to beyond the town of Telupid on the Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu Highway. Thus this fig was collected in almost the exact center of Sabah. The location is important because Ficus obsura is very closely related to Ficus scaberrima which is  very common in Western Borneo but in Eastern Borneo it is replaced by Ficus obscura.

Note that the fig fruits of Ficus  obscura are covered in dense hairs whilst Ficus scaberrima fig fruits are hairless. 

Ficus obscura IMG_3088 - Copy

Ficus obscura IMG_3088 (2)
NOTE: In the Sandakan Herbarium this fig is labelled  Ficus fulva  which is an obvious error.

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Google Maps: Beluran District, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo