Sultan Hussin Kamaluddin was the 16th Sultan of Brunei (died 1740). Sultan Hussin’s Tomb sits on a scenic island in the Brunei River, Pulau Luba. Locally the site is known as Makam di Luba. Sultan Hussin’s tomb is currently shaded by a fine Ficus kerkhovenii strangling fig tree.

03 Tomb of Sultan Hussin Brunei 3Y3A5312
The tomb can be accessed either by boat or by a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sungei Damuan.

08 Ficus kerkhovenii IMG_0186.JPG

04 Ficus kerkhovenii IMG_0093.JPG

06 Ficus kerkhovenii IMG_0099.JPG
This Ficus kerkhovenii fig tree was not fruiting when we visited the tomb on 14 January 2018 however  Ficus kerkhovenii leaves are very distinctive from the lack of prominent basal veins. 

07 Ficus kerkhovenii IMG_0106.JPG

The Sungei Damuan is a favoured site  for tourists to watch Proboscis Monkeys that feed on the leaves of the Sonneratia mangrove trees that line the river.

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Google Maps  TOMB OF SULTAN HUSSIN KAMALLUDIN 16th Sultan of Brunei died 1740

Sultan Hussin’s tomb is only 30 minutes by speedboat from the main boat jetty of Bandar Seri Begawan  or 30 minutes by car from the town center. There is a car park next to the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sungei Damuan. The tomb would be a wonderful site for bird watching when the fig is fruiting but  records indicate that F. kerkhovenii  has very irregular crops and fruiting is unlikely to occur more than once a year.