Ficus apiocarpa, once a common climbing liana of peat swamp forest in Borneo, now rare.

NOTE : This herbarium collection L.1605990 is incorrectly listed on the Naturalis website as Ficus callosa  which has yet to be recorded in Brunei although it is locally common in Sabah.

F. apiocarpa is  rare due to the massive destruction of large areas of peat swamp forest throughout Borneo.  The initial cause of destruction was the careless  logging of Shorea albida, using  canals  to float out the logs. The canals acted as drains and were followed by fires  that ravaged the logged forest when the peat dried out.  Following the fires, large areas of peat swamp have been converted to oil palm plantations. In particular  Sarawak has virtually no intact peat swamp forest left apart from the Maludam peninsula.

Fortunately Brunei Darussalam due to its conservation forest policy retains some of the finest peat swamp forest in Borneo which can be visited at the Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park.

03 Ficus apiocarpa Tasek merimbun L1605990 Brunei Apiocarpa.jpg
The best locality to Find F. apiocarpa is probably the roads which run through peatswamp forest to Tasek Merimbun  Heritage Park which is around 70 km from Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei.


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