A female Euthalia aconthea butterly aka “The Baron”  sunning itself on a fruiting Ficus tinctoria  var gibbosa bush at the Sabah Muzium in Kota Kinabalu.  This butterfly was feeding on the juice of ripe rotting figs.

04 Euthalia aconthea Baron IMG_2032 -
Several species of Euthalia butterflies are commonly found along the forest edge in Borneo. The larval food plant is the Mangifera (mango) family but the adults are fruit feeders  and are frequently caught in butterfly traps baited with rotting fruit.

03  Ficus tinctoria gibbosa IMG_2011.JPG

01 Ficus tinctoria gibbosa IMG_2132.JPG

06 IMG_2038.JPG
Sabah Muzium grounds in Kota Kinabalu. Another interesting fig to be found in the Muzium gardens is Ficus pumila.