PHOTO ABOVE: A typical dried Ficus carica fig from Iran as sold in London, UK surrounded by the 686 fresh seeds taken from a single  dried fig.

In Iran the figs  naturally split open when ripe. They are allowed to dry  on the tree and harvested when they fall to the ground.
Fcus carica approx. 1.5 mm diameter.jpg
The seeds are smooth and  almost globular  and without the “carrying handles” for ants found on the seeds of most Bornean figs. Ficus carica leaves also have no glands  to attract ants. It would appear that ants are unimportant for the ecology of Ficus carica unlike Bornean figs  where ants interact with figs in numerous ways, most of which are mutualistic (benefit both parties).
03 Afghan Ficus carica seeds IMG_0022 - .JPG
Each square on the grid is 1 mm x 1 mm so the diameter of each seed is approx 1.5 mm.


Unlike most dried figs that you can buy in shops these dried Iranian figs have almost 100%  germination. The germination is epigeal (on the soil surface)  and takes about 12-14 days with daily watering in full sunlight.
Assuming each fig contains 685 seeds this packet of 25 dried figs would contain 16,400 seeds. More than enough to plant a large orchard !
Young Iranian  Ficus carica  seedlings about  2 weeks after germination on 28 July 2019.
Ficus carica seedlings x3 at 12 weeks IMG_0137.JPG
The same 3 seedlings on 08 September  approx. 8 weeks after germination and  10  weeks from seed planting at the beginning of July.
Ficus carica seedling x 1 at 12 weeks IMG_0123.JPG
A single seedling 8 weeks after germination. This seedling is approx. 18 cm high.
02 3Y3A0893.JPG
TOP LEFT: Dried figs from Qandahar in Afghanistan. TOP RIGHT: Dried figs from Iran. BOTTOM:  Ripe figs air freighted from Antalya in Turkey which appear to contain viable seeds. London UK August 2019.
02 3Y3A0928.JPG
Fresh Ficus carica figs air-freighted to London, UK from Turkey.  Ficus carica is not grown commercially in the UK as the weather is too cold  and the summer not long enough to ripen the main crop. Figs can be grown in sunny gardens with a south facing aspect but normally only the first  small (breba)  crop  ripens around mid August  and the  second (main) crop of figs fails to ripen.
01 3Y3A0926.JPG
A typical Middle Eastern food shop in London will sell at least 5 different types of processed dried figs from Greece, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. Only the Iranian  and Afghanistan figs contain viable seeds.