Ficus ampelas  illustration from Roxburgh Flora Indica (1768). Note the  distinctive pale under-surface of the leaf.

FICUS AMPELAS                                             SECTION SYCIDIUM

According to Berg and Corner (2005)  “The presence of this species in Borneo is not very certain, as it is represented by a single collection (by De Vriese)  without precise indication of provenance.

If  naturally dispersed this fig is most likely to be found on one of Borneo’s north or east coast islands.

The young leaves of this fig are frequently eaten as a vegetable  by locals within the range – so there is a possibility that it could be introduced to Borneo.

04 Berg (2005) Ficus ampelas MAP  WEB.jpg
Map from Berg and Corner (2005) shows the Malesian distribution only. This fig is also widespread in India where it is known as Ficus exasperata.

Ficus ampelas Philippines .jpg

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Ficus ampelas Philippines.jpg