Ficus tarennifolia at the start of the access road to the summit of Gunung Alab (1,964 m)  in the Crocker Range, Sabah,  Malaysian Borneo.  This is one of the wettest sites in Borneo with rainfall exceeding 4 m per annum. All photos taken by botanist Linus Gokusing.

01 Ficus tarrenifolia IMG_3397.JPG
Only two species of Bornean figs are known to produce a flush of new pink or red leaves en mass on new growth, Ficus tarennifolia as above and the montane variety of Ficus sinuata. Other species may occasionally produce one or two pinkish leaves on individual twigs e.g. F. chartacea, F. lepicarpa, F. fistulosa.

02 Ficus tarrenifolia IMG_3381.JPG

12 Ficus tarrenifolia IMG_0114.JPG

07 Gunung Alab montane forest 0098.JPG

08 Gng Alab IMG_0099.JPG

13 Linus Gokusing IMG_0115.JPG

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