LEPTOGRAMMA  Ficus leptogramma Corner 1960         SECTION SYCIDIUM

Greek: Slender streaks – referring to the striated stipules

Habit: Small to medium sized tree to 20 m with drooping branches. Normally found in the understorey of virgin forest  not secondary forest. Identify from the  numerous large groups of  reddish brown cauliferous figs which are attached to the trunk from ground level upwards. Note: The photos in this article are of a male tree  at Ulu Tongod in Central Sabah, taken by Linus Gokusing.

Leaves:  In flat planes (distichous) with slightly wavy edges. The basal veins are relatively short and closely follow the edge of the leaf to up to  1/4 of the leaf length.

Fig Fruits:  Medium size (1.5-2.0 cm) with relatively long stalks ripening from cream to orange to dark red in females . Male figs ripen a dirty yellow brown. The figs are attached to permanent patches of rough calloused  wood.

Similar Species: Ficus virescens another Borneo endemic  which is found in similar montane forest habitat on Kinabalu. The patches of  cauliferous reddish/orange/brown figs on the trunk look very similar.

Distinguish: By the differences in the leaves and branches: F. virescens has upward pointing branches with large leaves that grow in whorls.

02 IMG_0688
The bunches of male figs on Ficus leptogramma tree trunks are usually surrounded by a sort of black earth believed to be the dead flowers of the male figs which have been thrown out by ants. Note the adventitious roots from the fig tree which are growing into the black earth.

03 IMG_0697.JPG

02 Leptogramma Meratus L.1608615.jpg

01 Leptogramma Meratus L.1608615 - Copy.jpg
The only record of (to date) of Ficus leptogramma  from Kalimantan from the Meratus Mountains. See map below.

Berg (2005) Leptogramma 01 .jpg

Berg (2005) Leptogramma 02 .jpg

List of Leptogramma collections Naturalis.jpg
As at October 2019 there were 17 collections of Ficus leptogramma stored at Naturalis. This fig is locally common on Kinabalu and the Crocker Range in Sabah  and around Kuching in Sarawak. There is one record from the Melinau Gorge at Mulu in Sarawak and another record from the Meratus mountains in SE Kalimantan.
02 Leptogramma MAP WEB .jpg
The map from Berg (2005) showing the distribution of Ficus leptogramma. I have added a red star to show the location of the Meratus mountains in SE Kalimantan.