ABOVE: Floodplain forest growing on Pulau Kaja, an orangutan rehabilitation island  in the Rungan /Kahayan rivers near Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan.  Throughout Borneo floodplain forest is usually the richest habitat for fig diversity. 

Sg Rungan is a tributary of the mighty Kahayan river which runs just east of the city of Palangkaraya.  Pulau Kaja is one of several river islands in the area  run by BOS  (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) in Central Kalimantan. These islands are used as forested  holding areas as part of the long arduous process of preparing rescued orangutans for return to the wild.

Ficus virens  collected from Pulau Kaja. This fig is very uncommon in Kalimantan possibly under recorded. Note that the appearance with a slighly cordate  (heart shaped) base resembles  the leaves of Ficus prasinicarpa




Wikipedia Kahayan River   Map By Aymatth2 – Own work, Public Domain,