02 Ficus prasinicarpa IMG_7804GREEN FIG Ficus prasinicarpa                                                          SECTION: UROSTIGMA

Greek: Green fruit

Habit: A small crooked  untidy tree  to 10 m normally growing on rocks or coastal  beaches  from the Philippines and Sulawesi  east to New Guinea and the Solomon islands in the Pacific. The photos above taken on the island of Kakaban off the East coast of Kalimantan are the first Borneo record.

Leaves: The leaves are very variable but typically heart shaped with a pointed drip tip. The petiole (leaf stalk) is articulated which means that the leaves flutter in the sea breeze

Fig: The small round figs 0.4-0.8 cm ripen green to purple  and grow both in the leaf axils and ramiflorus along the old wood.

Similar species: Ficus saxophylla  grows in similar coastal habitat and is obviously closely related.  The distribution overlaps with F. saxophylla along rocky coasts from the Philippines to New Guinea . The figs of F. saxophylla ripen green to red to black. Ficus saxophylla has so far not been recorded for Borneo.


  • The figs of F. prasinicarpa have short stalks (peduncles) whilst the figs of F. saxophylla are sessile (no stalks).
  •  The bracts at the base of the fig fruit are much larger in F. saxophylla (2.5 – 4.5 mm) compared with 1-2 mm for F. prasinicarpa.

Distribution: The only Borneo records to date are from Pulau Kakaban and Pulau Nunukan in the Derawan islands off the coast of East Kalimantan. F. prasinicarpa has obviously been transported from Sulawesi by either fruit bats or imperial pigeons.

Range: See map below:

04 Map Prasinicarpa only
Ficus prasinicarpa is a common fig of coastal beaches  and rocky slopes  from Sulawesi east to the Solomon islands. The 2005 map above is now out of date as F. prasinicarpa has recently been discovered on two small islands off the coast of east Borneo having crossed Wallace’s Line east to west.

Berg (2005) Ficus prasinicarpa.jpg

Ficus prasinicarpa illustration Berg (2005) .jpg

Chantarusawan (2013) Prasinicarppa only.jpg


Ficus prasinicarpa Sulawesi 001367197-L.1615791.jpg

Ficus prasinicarpa Solomon Islands 001368053-L.1615756.jpg