Ficus midotis and Ficus subulata compared


Both species are common under-story epiphytes with large shiny leaves and numerous side veins Both have normal drip tips and produce bird dispersed orange to red figs with obvious stalks (to 1 cm). Both species have unequal bases to the leaf sometimes with an obvious auricle (ear). Both are very common in wet forest throughout Borneo. Some obvious differences are listed below;


Midotis has basal veins straighter than the other side veins

Subulata basal veins are curved exactly like the other side veins


Midotis: Slightly shiny, Side veins are sunken giving a bullate appearance

Subulata: More smooth and shiny than Midotis. Side veins are also sunken/impressed giving a bullate  surface.

However the mid vein is obviously raised in Subulata but flat or sunken in Midotis


Midotis: Slightly crenate/dentate (wavy)

Subulata Leaf edge is entire (smooth)


Midotis: Short with scattered hairs

Subulata: Smooth, sharply pointed like an awl. Exactly matches the stipules of F. chartacea and F. dubia


Midotis: Rough with short hairs and obvious raised white dots (glands)

Subulata: Surface smooth with an occasional small bract


01 IMG_0441.JPG
Ficus midotis. Note  the wavy edge to the leaf, the auricle (ear) at the base of the leaf and the small hairy stipule.
02 Ficus subulata leaves P7A8658
Ficus subulata. Note the smooth edge to the leaf, the raised midrib, the sharply pointed smooth stipule.
Ficus midotis IMG_0444.JPG
Ficus midotis. Note the  short hairy stipule
01 Ficus subulata stipule P7A8669 .JPG
Ficus subulata. Note the smooth sharply pointed stipule.
Ficus midotis 3P7A9908
Ficus midotis. Note the short  hairs  and the prominent white dots (glands) on the surface of the fig.
04 Ragadia makata Ficus subulata IMG_4808.jpg
Ficus subulata: Note the smooth surface of the fig.