This curious juvenile fig growing in the BORA rhino orchard at Tabin is believed  to be Ficus cucurbitina an unusual rare fig of primary forest with very distinctive fig fruit covered in sharp spines. Unfortunately it is too young to fruit at present.

Due to the dense spines covering the young leaves  this fig was initially listed  at BORA as Ficus consociata  but the leaf venation is very different indeed. See this  link to Ficus consociata at Maliau.

The leaf size and venation is most similar  to Ficus bracteata. However Ficus bracteata may be an invalid name.

Photos taken by Anthea Phillipps on 8 November 2019.

02 Ficus cucurbitina Tabin IMG_8418.JPG

01 Ficus cucurbitina Tabin IMG_8419.JPG

02 Ficus cucurbitina Tabin 6-10 Nov. AP (652).JPG

01 Ficus cucurbitina BORA. Tabin 6-10 Nov. AP (651).JPG

05 Ficus cucurbitina  Tabin 6-10 Nov. AP (655).JPG

05 Ficus cucurbitina BORA Tabin IMG_8410.JPG

03 Ficus cucurbitina IMG_8416.JPG