Ficus acamptophylla  photographed in hutan kerangas white sand habitat near  the city of Pontianak  in West Kalimantan.

All photos courtesy of Ripin Forestry. Note that the photos in this article are of two separate plants growing in the same location.

03 Ficus sacmptophylla Pontianak DSC02416.JPG

06 Ficus acamptophylla  Pontianak Ripin DSC02375.JPG

07 Ficus acamptophylla  DSC02379.JPG

08 Ficus acamptophylla Pontianak Ripin DSC02422.JPG

11 Ficus acamptophylla DSC02495.JPG

10 Ficus acamptophylla Ripin Pontianak DSC02491.JPG09 Ficus acamtpphylla Pontianak Ripin DSC02488.JPG

04 Ficua acamptophylla Ripin Pontianak DSC02649


05 Ficus acamtophylla  Pontianak Ripin DSC02663.JPG

12 Ficus acamptophylla Pontianak .JPG

02 Ficus acamptophylla  Pontianak habitat DSC02369.JPG