Ficus corneri is an unusual rare liana fig  that is found in virgin hill forest slopes throughout Borneo. The underside of the leaves are a pale white/cream or grey. The upper sides are dark green but also dry pale cream in herbarium collections.

This article illustrates two separate collections of Ficus corneri made in the Mensalong Forest Reserve in July 2019. Mensalong FR lies just east of the Ranau – Kota Marudu Road in central Sabah. Mensalong Forest Reserve is just east of the northern section of Kinabalu Park.

Photographs by Suzika Juiling a Postgraduate MSc student  at the Universiti of Sabah, Malaysia.

Collection location 01:  6° 12′ 54.89” N, 116° 47′ 59.38” E; Alt: 677.88 m asl.

Collection location 02: 6° 14′ 49.8948” N,  116° 49′ 8.22” E;   Alt: 885.07 m asl.

Ficus cornerii Mensalong FR Ranau
Ficus corneri Collection M2 F7

Ficus cornerii 03 B_HS Mensalong, Ranau

Ficus corneri 03 B_HS Mensalong, Ranau M3F 28 Suzika Juiling.JPG
Ficus corneri. Collection M3F 28
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Mensalong Forest Reserve, Sabah, Borneo is just east of the the northern end of Kinabalu Park and is separated from Kinabalu Park by the Ranau-Kudat road. Google Maps
Mensalong Forest Reserve 2020-02- Ficus corneri.png
Link to Mensalong Forest Reserve in Google Earth (Slow to load)