Ficus fulva  photographed in secondary forest  next to a logging road on Bukit Raya, Kapit in Central Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. The size and shape of the figs  with long stalks is unusual for Ficus fulva in Borneo but see the illustration of Ficus fulva figs from Thailand below.

For a comparison with normal Ficus fulva figs photographed in the same area click here.

Photos by Elliot Gardner taken on 12 February 2020. Collection # EG 2020859. Part of a project entitled Ethnobotany and ethnotaxonomy of Moraceae in Sarawak supported by the National Parks Board of Singapore.EG 859 EG859 specimen

EG 859 EG859 specimen (2).JPG

EG 859  Ficus fulva query  Bukit Raya Nanga Merit,Kapit Sarawak.JPG

Ficus fulva in Flora of Thailand - Copy.jpg

Illustration of Ficus fulva in Thailand from the back cover of Flora of Thailand Vol.10, Part 4, by C.C.Berg & N. Pattharahirantricin (2011) Moraceae

Kapit District Central Sarawak  Ficus fulva query for Quentin - Copy.pngGoogle Maps link to Kapit Map