Ficus uncinata  and Ficus malayana are two of the most common earth figs in Borneo. They can be considered either as varieties of one species or two closely related species. Ficus malayana in Borneo is confined to Sabah and is especially common on Kinabalu.  The figs of F. malayana are are bright red with many hooked bracts on a smooth surface. South of the Sabah border F. malayana is replaced by F. uncinata which has  similar large leaves  and hooked bracts on the figs but the figs are also covered in dense hairs.

All photos taken by Elliot Gardner on 10 February 2020. Collection # EG821 at Sg Sut in the Kapit district of Sarawak.

These photos were taken as part of a project entitled Ethnobotany and ethnotaxonomy of Moraceae in Sarawak supported by the National Parks Board of Singapore.

03 Ficus uncinata EG821 .jpg

05 Ficus entimau EG821 d (2)

06 Ficus uncinata EG821 d.JPG

07 Ficus uncinata EG821 d.JPG